ECS K7S5A reset problem

Hi all!

I have purchased 4 of these ECS boards with ADM 1400 Mhz CPU, and DDR Ram, IBM Deskstar Hard Disk. The two systems that I have running reset by themselves during not yet specifically identified disk activity. I mean that they act like I hit the reset button, turning off and on.

Anyone else have this trouble? Do you know of a solution?

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  1. Sounds like a power supply problem.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. It is a 300W Enlight AMD Certified case?
    It just happened again while I was transfering files from my old computer.

    Still think Power Supply?
  3. While 300W is sometimes considered marginal, you shouldn't have any problems considering your minimal configuration. Maybe someone else would like to take a shot at this one.

    Back to you Tom...
  4. Yes, that board (not the chipset) is actually very sensative in what PS you use. Try borrowing your friend's PS.

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  5. i got a blue screen last nite, a memory dump? :( though i only have 128mb right now, 1gb hasn't come in yet :/ also i had a question, maybe you would know Stick_e, is there any way to increase to sound, and don't say turn the volume up :P hehe, i got it up as far as it could go, with my spearkers i don't think there will be a problem, but mainly i use headphones, and it's like a whisper. is there a driver or anything though that will increase it? thanks again, you have been helpful.
  6. I'm having the exact same problem. ECS K7S5A 1.4GHz with a 18GB Seagate HD, 256 MB Kingmax ram, generic 300 Watt PSU, Windows 2000. It resets when I am playing Couner Strike. Sometimes after 20 mins, somtimes after 2 hours. No pattern at all. And when I'm not using the computer and just have SETI running it sometimes shuts down. Once again no pattern. Sometimes after 2 hours and sometimes after 10 hours. I'm logging temps with MBM5 and they never go above 55C. Anyone encounter this and found a solution? This just started after 4 months of completely stable running and no problems what so ever. Thanks for any advice and suggestions.
  7. go into the sound control menu, the speaker icon in the taskbar, and turn up the wave out, and the master volume a bit, and see if you notice a difference.
    if you have already done that, then i would suggest going out and buying a set of speakers that have a headphone jack built in...make sure that it is a powered speaker set. if plugging your headphones into those still produces a whisper sound level, then i have no idea what is going on...
    try the headphones in something else to see if they work...maybe the cones in the headphones got damaged from high volume, or weather, or age.
    check them out, and then try the speaker thing.


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  8. this is really starting to scare me!
    if these boards are so sensitive, then what powersupplies are recommended?
    i am ordering one for me and my friend, and i cant have a randomly restarting system..
    btw, i am also buying an enlight case with a 400w psu from
    they are on backorder right now, and i hope that they get them back in stock REAL soon.
    i have heard so many good things about this board, and this is like the most consistent problem i have seen.
    does anyone know anything about the powersupply that tufshop supplies with their enlight 7237 400w case?
    and how will this work with the k7s5a and a duron 950 with 256megs of 2100ddr?
    also, i think it was either gideontech, or hardware extreme that reviewed this board where they got a reference board, but it had 3 firewire ports on it.
    me and my mountain bike buddies have made mountain bike movies before, and we used a mac (DONT KILL ME FOR USING A MAC, dont worry, i didnt like it much!)because it had firewire ports, and a dvd burner, and most important, the storage space we needed for the last one. what i am wondering is, why ecs didnt choose to put the firewire ports on their producion board?
    was that to keep the cost down, or what?
    those firewire ports would come in handy in the next few months as we are planning on making a sequel to the last one we made, and i would like to use my computer to edit it, instead of the mac we used last time.
    i know there are other ways to get video in, and sure, i could BUY a firewire card, but why do that, when i could just use that damn mac, and suffer with the constant crashes, and ridiculous errors? oh that is the road for me..hehe...joke joke....
    anyways, being able to edit on my machine, as well as the mac would greatly reduce editing time, and create a great convienience.
    but i can wait to buy a firewire card.
    just wondering why there isnt a single firwire port on the k7s5a when the reference board from sis had 3.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  9. Well when I first got this board I loved it. Now I hate it and would not recommend it to anyone. I have read so many post on it shuting down or restarting randomly and then it started happening to me. And no one seems to have any solutions as to how to fix the problems. If it is so sensitive to various different types of hardware,(which is bs in itself), I wish someone would come up with a list of what works and what doesn't. I'm giving up on ECS and I'm going to try Abit.
  10. The problem is not the motherboard. Like others have said it is most likely the powersupply. If you want to solve your problem there are a number of things you can do.

    1) Go to AMD's website and look up their recommended powersupplies. For the 1.4 Ghz T-bird, they do not recommend a generic 300 W powersupply. Sell your current powersupply and get a quality powersupply. 400W+ is probably you best bet since it will last longer. It doesn't have to be directly off the AMD list, but a 300W generic isn't going to cut it.

    2) Switch your processor down to something in the 900-950 Mhz range. Your powersupply will probably work fine then, but once again your powersupply is generic and for all we know a pos.

    Some 300W powersupplies are better than a 400W supply depending on the quality of the product. Since yours is generic though you have no chance of that. The last time I used a generic 300W powersupply was with a Duron 800 system.

    You also didn't list your graphics card. So if you have something like a GF3, your powersupply is under even more strain.

    I've been using this <A HREF="" target="_new">site</A> as a good reference for what components use. Also don't forget that you should never be using more than 70% of your powersupplies juice.

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  11. dhlucke. Thanks for your post. Very insightful. I'll try your solutions. I guess I was little bitter in my last post because I can't do crap with my machine because it keeps restarting. Hope your suggestions work.
  12. 55C is getting on the hotside what odes bios report your temps as? How many times does one hae to tell you that it is your power supply that is at issue here? Has this board even been available for 4 months now?

    Video editing?? Ha, I don't even own a camera!
  13. No problem. AMD's site is getting swamped with traffic due to their AthlonXP release, but here is the link to the <A HREF="" target="_new">recommended powersupply database</A>. You'll probably have to wait a couple of days to log into the normal AMD site though.

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  14. i have the same board and processor and have had no problems. i am runnin it on an Antec 400w power supply

    --Wassamatta you?--
  15. i dont know what brand of powersupply comes witht the enlight case i am getting, but it is 300w.
    i am getting the enlight 7237 from
    the one that they have in stock right now....
    anyone know anything about that powersupply, or if that is going to be a problem with this board?
    i need this thing to NOT be resetting itself.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  16. i'm getting a reset problem too now. after installing my gb of ram, sometimes when i cold boot or even restart, it'll get to right where the w2k splash screen should come up and then it reboots. under startup options in w2k i have it so it will not reboot if there is an error. so i don't know if it's an error or what, i haven't had it restart on me once i'm in the OS though. i have a 400w sparkle psu. i'd find it hard to believe that that ps isn't good enough for a k7s5a
    1gb pc2100
    1x40gb ibm60gxp
    2x60gb ibm60gxp on fasttrak100tx2
    firewire card
    elsa gladiac gf2 gts
    56x afreey cdrom
    with this ps i used to run a totally maxed out dual p3 setup and that was fine.
  17. hmmm..
    maybe there is some bios setting that everyone is overlooking??????????
    anyone know if that could cause this reset problem?
    also, did everyone reformat their hard drive when they put this motherboard in?
    because if you dont reformat the partition that you installed your os to, then you might be experiencing conflicts of some sort.


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  18. OK bought a 400Watt PSU and I'm still having reset problems. And now I'm also getting random memory dumps. Any other ideas??
  19. well let me correct myself, seems to only happen when its a cold boot. i just got home after a few hours, had the system shut off on purpose so i could boot it. it reset 3x!!!! gives no beeps no nothing, seems its going fine, then BAM!! back at POST :frown: i guess we're seeing why its a $6x motherboard. sending it back and will wait for MSI's offering of the kt266a.
  20. You should look at the PCpowerandcooling site that I linked above. I add up your components (rough estimate) and you are at 290W. I can't sympathize too much with you since that's over the 70% mark recommended. The suggested range is 30%-70%.

    You need a bigger power supply. You have an awesome system with 3 hard drives, a number of pci cards, a gig of memory, a top of the line processor, and a good videocard. I’ll guess that you have some case fans as well. You’re just stressing the powersupply too much.

    You went from 128 MB to 1GB right? That's a 90W increase. That killed it imop.

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  21. ya, i got 2 case fans. hmm, yes i did go to that site and i came up with the same number. i wasn't sure though if 290 was pushing it or not. i didn't think i would've had any troubles with this powersupply, otherwise i would've gotten a new one with the rest of the stuff. but i'm doing just a tad more upgrades. getting an xp1800 and another 60gb drive down the line maybe, so i think i might as well snag another psu, the enermax EG651P-VE looks nice, hot damn i say, no new monitors til next week :/ 4th ps upgrade i'll have to do, sheesh. thanks though dhlucke for your info, help me reconsider some things, thanks again.
  22. you know what you could do....if there is room in your case, which i am thinking there is,
    you could take one of the power supplies that you bought, and plug your drives and fans into that, and run your motherboard and ram and cards off the other. there is a way to wire two psu's together so that when one turns on, the other will too, and you will have two power supplies running to power different components..
    then you can have one dedicated to drives and other things in the case, and one dedicated to the mobo.
    that should ease the psu a bit, and considering that you have already bought a bunch of psu's, why not put them to use!
    good luck!


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  23. has anyone tried updating the bios?????????
    maybe it is a bios issue...and updating the bios might fix it...
    or the motherboard drivers?
    just a thought


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  24. I haven't tried updating the BIOS. My BIOS date says 8/24/01. Fairly recent. I'll check ECS's site to see if there is a newer one. Don't know how to update the mobo drivers unless you mean once you have the OS up and running and install the AGP/NIC, etc.. If that what you mean then yes I did that. I completely wiped my HD clean, reformated it and reinstalled Win2K and its still reseting.
  25. Hi all, should already have ordered the ECS-MOBO, but a lot of work have been preventing me. Good for me?

    I have found the following this link:

    It is the K7S5A bios FAQ thread. Try reading this. Here is also stated, that this board needs a good power supply. Perhaps you should also read the part about flashing in a new bios. It looks as if many have problems concerning the flashing.
  26. it says in the forum that flesher just posted, that Win2k has some problems with this board, and that the latest bios update fixes it...
    and it has problems with win2k and 3d games...
    but there is a fix for that too, from amd...
    so it sounds like this board is ok, just sensative...
    i sure hope that the Enlight 7237 comes with a good powesupply!
    if not, then i am going to be screwed!


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  27. if your're going to run w2k, definitely update the bios. it'll hang everytime you try to access a floppy disk without the update. might not have happened for others, but for me it did.
  28. The new bios does fix that. It was only an issue in 2K though...

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  29. Where is the fix from AMD?? I'll update to the new BIOS. But check this out. I was having restart and memory dump problem when I updates to the 400 Watt PSU. So I switched back to my 300 Watt and returned the 40Watt PSU. Then I deceided to switch to SDR ram. I had a couple of mods laying around that were PC100. No restart or memory dumps with the SDR. I don't think my DDR mods were bad as they are only 4 and 2 months old. Less wattage for the SDR mods?? Interesting anyways. But I will update the BIOS and see if that fixes it. I'm still have trouble with CS with the SDR. I'll see if the updated BIOS fixes. Thanks to everyone who helped with this posting.
  30. Dude it is the mobo, a guy later in this thread said he got a 400 watt psu and still was having reset probs. In fact everyone had reset probs, except the guy who said he switched to sdram. I am having reset probs with an enermax EG365P-VE, it seems there is something definately wrong with this mobo.
  31. yep, just got my new mobo (ga-7vtxp). man this thing is nice, can't wait til my xp1800 gets here! oh ya, and no more reset problems. i don't blame the SiS chipset. but after looking around, ecs is not highly rated.
  32. ga-7vtxp? you sure those are the right letters? send me a link, it isn't on gigabyte's site.
  33. you know what, my friends board did the same thing, the reset thing, but i just reset the bios with the jumper, and everything was fine....
    did you try that?


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  34. I guess you're having problems. I can only offer friendly suggestions and even if there was another problem with his board, his power supply was ALSO one. He was using a 300W generic on a 1.4 Ghz T-bird.

    I own the board and am running it on a 400W powersupply and it runs awesome since I'm not running too many components. Keep in mind that this board is getting sold right and left so we're seeing more problems since more people are buying it.

    I read on boards that a handfull of people were RMAing them and getting a second board that was running great, so just return yours and get a new one if you have run out of ideas to fix it.

    I might have missed it, but what are your components?

    Mine are here in case anyone wants to know what a stable system looks like.

    1-Ghz T-bird
    Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu Temps (38C idle/45C 100% load)
    2-256 MB PC2100 Crucial
    Gainward GeForce2 Pro 450 Golden Sample
    IBM 60gxp 40GB hard drive
    Toshiba DVD
    v92 pci Modem
    Antec sx1040 (with the 400W powersupply)
    2-Antec 80mm fans

    Add up the wattage and I'm well below 70%. I'm closer to 50% and that might be a goal for some of the people having problems.

    I'm using the onboard sound and I have my other computer networked to this one with the onboard lan. It's flawless so far. I can only suggest that you either spend a good penny on a powersupply or just make sure you're not even close to stressing it out. Make sure you buy quality components as well.

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  35. what are your ambient temps?
    my athlon 900 runs at like 49 idle, and 52 full load...
    but the only way to check my temps is either with sisoft sandra, which reports the cpu temp with the system temp, and system with the cpu. my room is hot as hell tho, and there is 3 desktops in here and a laptop..and it isnt a big room...and my room is on the side of the house where the sun it gets hotter..
    and i am upstairs..
    but the volcano6cu seems to work good...i mean, i used to sometimes get hotter temps on my k6-2 in this room..


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  36. Using Motherboard monitor: The temp when I start the PC is 26C. I live in a nice and warm area, but the room is large enough and my other PC isn't a hot one. I then hit 37-38 for basic tasks and idle and if I stress the PC it hits around 42. I can only hit 45C if I use a program like Toast.

    Either way I have room to overclock and when I get time I think I'll give it a try. The batch code (ASHHA) for my 1 Ghz isn't very good though so I won't be able to get beyond 1.2 Ghz most likely.

    Your temps are fine though so don't worry too much about it.

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  37. well, in my new case, i just put my 80mm fan on the back of the case. but i think that tomorrow, i will cut a hole in the side for that fan..
    and if i end up buying a 120mm, then i can just make the hole bigger...
    or will the holes for the mounting cause interference?
    because what i can do is to move the 80mm to the back of the case, and cut the premade hole out, and use my grill, and put the 120mm on the side blowing down on the video card, and the cpu, and the 80mm venting out the back..
    i might be able to put it in the top of the case, as a chimney fan, but i would have to see if there is room...
    well, if anyone thinks that will vent the heat from my setup (mid tower case, 4*5 1/4, 2*3 1/2)
    any suggestions also welcome..i just want to cool this thing down a rig is hOt.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  38. I agree, there must be a bad batch or something. It is very hard for a guy to return something and want a new one when he know a lot of people are having the same problem and his chances of getting a "good one" are unknown. I do have one theory although very highly unlikely and close to the when pigs fly saying. :
    I read on Asus' site how to identify fake Asus mobos, and they showed the plastic wrap of a real one and a fake one so you could tell. The very firt thing I thought for some reason when I opened the box was "hey this kinda looks like the fake asus mobo wrap" but I didn't check on the asus site to see if it matched the pattern and who would want to make fake ecs boards!?!? anyway, I think ECS made a bad batch.
  39. probably...
    too bad too, because when this bord works, it is sweet...
    there is probably a way to find out what boards are by their id numbers...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
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