My game won't run on my computer?

I just brought the new sims 3 pets and i'm trying to run and install but it won't let me? All of my other sims games run perfectly fine when i insert the disks but when i try and run the pets it makes noise but won't startup? I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, if you can help me?
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  1. Have you tried updating your videocard driver and also DirectX and sims 3 update patch too? These might help.
  2. i had a problem like that but when i reinstalled all my sims games with the new one it played fine, Try other options first like update and reinstall the latest game of sims you have besides pets then try and run it other than that ill say reinstall all the games.
  3. Does any error show up when the game doesn't run and makes the sound?
  4. I think there is some problem with the disk, better check the disk in your friends house.
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