Need Advice on chip and motherboard

I want to build a good system for 3d design. I currently have a p3 933 and 3dmax is starting to bog down in large scenes. I am totally confused between the promising future in the P4 and the good prices and performence of the athlon 1.4. 3dmax developers recommend dual cpu for design. Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. Intel:
    If you can handle waiting, wait for the Northwood. It's supposed to have a better FPU (and Raystonn hints that it does), that will allow it to better keep up with Athlon in 3D programs. If you can't wait (and find out for sure which will be better), I'd say go for Athlon.

    You have two choices: MP and Palomino. I'd recommend MP, since 3DMax is SMP-enabled. Get a Tyan Thunder Athlon motherboard (it's more expensive than the Tiger, but worth the extra features, I think). Some will tell you that you can run Thunderbirds in dual-procs, but I wouldn't take the chance. Apparently it works sometimes and doesn't other times. And they don't have SSE, which will definitely help you out.

    Let us know when you decide and what you decide on, and we can help you with the rest of the components.

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  2. Wow! What I quick response. Thank you very much!

    Yeah I can wait for the Northwood. I will defianatly will ask for more advice before buying.

    Thanks again.

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