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Please help me pick a battery for my gaming PC. I'm confused why the the first one is cheaper, because it has better specs: lasts longer (more mah), and is lighter and smaller. Maybe newer technology?

$37.50 12 cells 7800 mah

The second one is heavier, so maybe it's better quality? And it has "new" in the title, whereas the first only has "new" listed as the item condition.
$57.99 12 cells 6600 mah
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  1. The battery is for an NC6400 laptop. Its spec sheet lists ej092aa batteries as compatible, which both listings contain.

    I asked the lister of the first item:
    NC6400's spec sheet ( lists EJ092AA batteries, which your listing mentions, as compatible. Your listing also lists The NW and NX models as compatible, which are similar to the NC models. Is your item compatible with NC6400?
  2. Here's my advice: NEVER do any gaming on a laptop battery. Unless you're absolutely forced to.
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