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Anyone have anyone ideas about what I can do to get windows installed on a new build. I'm doing a custom install of an upgrade version from a DVD that I burnt the ISO onto. As far as I have read this is definatley doable, but I keep getting error code 0x80070570 when the files are extracting. I read various fixes like burn the DVD at slower speed, tried it, disconnected extra stuff from motherboard like usb headers etc, disconnected all usb devices, tried it. I also read may have to do with memory haven't tried with only 1 stick yet. Gonna go try that next. Any suggestions of what I can do to get OS installed?
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  1. You should try making another copy of the DVD just in case the DVD-R is not good or it didn't burn correctly. Also you might want to try swapping the DVD drive if you have one that's not being used. also if its a upgrade version of it, do you have a windows on it already like XP? or Vista?
  2. I made another copy and got the same error trying to install. DVD drive is new reads the disk fine, I really don't think its a hardware problem. It is the upgrade version, but I have read several articles stating that you can do a clean install with an upgrade version. I also read many threads of others having the same problem with disks that came with there OEM and retail versions. Also others have posted the same error when trying to do an upgrade with Vista installed from an OEM or retail version. Seems to be a bug in the install that has/is affecting many peopl trying to install Windows 7. I even read threads that people had no problem installing the 32 bit version, but couldn't install the 64 bit version on the same system due to error code 0x80070570. SO I don't know what to think. Going to keep trying different things, but I'm almost at wits end. :(
  3. I know on upgrades there has to be older OS already installed on the machine in order to use the upgrade. I know that if its older then vista then it deletes that OS and install like a OEM version would like a clean install. Did you buy the upgrade? or did you burn a copy from someone else? Also the hard drive that you have in there, does it have a partition already on it?
  4. I re-downloaded the file from digital river and burnt another dvd using imgburn at 1x speed (instead of using Roxio) and got Windows to install no prob. I did have to then upgrade over the fresh install in oder for it to accept my upgrade product registartion code. In the end it all worked out, could have been a bad dowload or bad dvd, either way it works now. Thanks~
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