k7s5a & 1.4TBird help

I'm putting a machine together for the first time and would REALLY appreciate any input the ol' pros out there have. I know this is very open, but what are the big or common errors that a beginner can make when assembling a system, especially the dangerous ones :P I have experience upgrading systems, but never the whole thing. I'm most worried about motherboard settings...

My system:
Athlon TB 1.4
ECS k7s5a mobo
300W PS (don't know whose)
512 MB DDR (mwave)
IBM Deskstar 75GB
Audigy Gamer sound card
Sony 16x DVD
Plextor CDRW
100 MB zip drive
Radeon 8500 -- don't have it yet =(

Thank you for any input! Sorry if this bores anyone...

Save the children :smile:
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  1. Everyone has to start sometime.

    The main thing is make sure that processor fan has good power, because that processor will fry fast ...

    Other then that most newer BIOS systems are easily configurable. It should detect the processor settings automatic. If the processor has a 266MHz FSB then you may have a jumper setting on the motherboard to enable that (I did on my K7T Turbo). Other then that you should just have to set the IDE configuration and everything should work. There may be a few other settings that you can play with, but are't really a big thing to getting the system to boot properly ...

    Hope that helps some. Maybe someone will have something to add ...

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  2. I got the retail box Athon 1.4 with fan. Do I need to junk the fan and get a different one? Which one? I'm not planning on overclocking, at least not right now... ;)
    Do I need an additional case fan? I know those 7200rpm HDs run hot.

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  3. I wouldn't worry about the hard drive temp. They don't run too hot. I would just make sure you have adaquate cooling in the case ...

    If your going to overclock I would get a new Heatsink and Fan. I have a Globalwin FOP38 which is pretty cool. But I'm not to sure what is out there now. I would look for a heatsink made of solid copper. Look for something made by Dynatron. I have heard some good things about them. Other then that I would stick with Globalwin or Vantec.

    <font color=red>BIOS updates do wonders ....</font color=red>
  4. Any other tips before I dive in? I'm getting the components today!

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  5. i have the same board and processor. mine came with a thermaltake volcano5 that seems to do a good job and is quiet. i'm going to be switching it out for a dragon orb3. while not the best cooler, does a good job. i'm gonna do some case moddin so i wanted the better looking cooler. so far i have been satisfied with the board and processor. easy set up and no probs. seems like it was a damned good board for the price ($65)

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