Won't turn off with power button

ECS K7VZM with Thunderbird 900 Mhz and 96 Mb PC 100 memory

System boots fine after much diddling. Unfortunately, about 1/3 of the time I go to boot the system and I can hear the hard drive start up, but no beeps and no video. I go to shutdown or reset but there is no response (I have the power button set in the BIOS to Instant Off). I pull the power cord to turn in off, plug it back in, hit the power button and voila it works perfectly this time (it never refuses to boot twice in a row). The power supply is only 250 watts but I find it hard to believe that that could be the problem. Any other suggestions to check out?
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  1. Hey R,
    I don't know if this will help you at all......but why not get another 256 MB of SD-Ram? It might not fix anything, but it will make everything run faster and smoother when it does boot! Also ram is dirt cheap! Another question: is this a new system or has this always happened? If it is a new system, have you loaded all the mobo drivers? If this is a old system and it just started happening, have you changed any bios settings or hardware? How old is your power supply? Is it a non-AMD approved 250 watt power supply? If it is I would change that out for a 300+ watt AMD approved power supply. Lastly, although this shouldn't matter, What OS are you running and when was your last time that you reformatted the hard-drive? If it was more than one year ago and you do a lot of uninstalling of programs, you might want to reformat your hard-drive and do a fresh install of your OS. Good Luck! This should move your post back to the top of the forum board, where someone else with real answers can see it.
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  2. I just had a similar problem, except i have a DFI board and there was a setting labled HDD suspend. I had to disable this and now everthing works fine. Hope this helps
  3. With an ATX power supply holding the power button for 4 seconds should force it to shutdown. A momentary press of the power button only initiates a software controlled shutdown which won't work if the system has failed to boot or has crashed.

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  4. yeah, but if he set in the bios to shutdown instantly, then shouldnt it just shut down?
    i know in my bios i have it set so that it shuts down after a 4 second delay...
    i thought that the mobo controls the psu...but if the 4 second thing works all the time, then it should work....


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  5. Guess I wasn't clear.

    The subject of this thread is, "Won't turn off with power button". I was just explaining how one can force the power supply to shutdown. I didn't have a solution for the system failing to boot.

    However, if I were to guess the problem does seem to be consistent with an inadequate power supply as suggested by another poster.

    The 4-second delay thing in the BIOS just happens to be a time delay, a choice between 4 seconds and 0 seconds for a software controlled shutdown. Pressing the button and holding it is a way to force the power supply, itself, to power down as opposed to having Windows shutdown the system. The time of holding the button actually may be 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 seconds (I never timed it and I guess the above BIOS setting, 4 seconds, just stuck in my mind).

    Sorry for the confusion.

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  6. I had a similar problem with my Asus P3V4X mobo. It only happened now and again. I've messed around with my system a lot since and it has stopped. I'm afraid I can't tell you what I did or what caused it. I do know that I tinkered with my bios and I also pulled a couple of PCI cards so you could try that. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  7. It should shut down instantly but in my case it wouldn't, i had it set to instant off but it would hang when you tried to do a software shutdown. changing the hdd suspend to disabled solved my problem. could be that i had power management set to go on standby after 5 min also, don't know, except that it works now.
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