Borderlands, which class?

Hi all... I am wanting to play borderlands again, since i am missing it so much and considering it is so immersive and fun to play and it has got such a long campaign. I had played with roland earlier and didn't play the 2nd playthrough.
I want to choose a new class from hunter and siren but am really confused.i wanted to know which weapons will be available for each class.I prefer machineguns, smgs, snipers...
I also wanted to ask if i should start a second playthrough with soldier or start with another class....and one more thing. What are ur views about borderlands being the best fps since other shooters finish off so easily...
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    It all depends on how you play. My favourite was Hunter (Snipping+Revolver/Pistols). He launches a bird (his special). Soldier would be my second pick (I liked the turret) and the fact that you can't go wrong with rifles/shotguns.

    The other 2 characters are more melee type (not something I fancy, personally). The game is super long and for the average gamer, might get repetitive at times. I finished it but I don't know many people who lasted that long...

    I haven't played the expansions though...Hmm, maybe I should get on that! lol
  2. I liked using the girl in the game because, if you ever find yourself in a tough battle and you know you might die soon you can use her phasewalk and get the hell out of there.
    My second pick would be the Hunter also because you can get some pretty sick snipers in the game and pick enemies off at a distance.
  3. I've played a hunter too, the hawk you get as an ability is a cool pet to have, as it can deal pretty high damage, and the fact that you can snipe your heart out and get some very nice sniper rifles made it look the best for me.
  4. I wanted to know if siren can use snipers because i dont want to miss snipers.
  5. I started with lilith.thanks all.
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