Can i run BF3 on this laptop?

i have got an acer 5750g laptop i jus bought, and honestly i bought it for gaming. i just pre-ordered bf3 on the ps3 which now i am not so sure off i want it for the ps3. i like my ps3 but i want the best visual experience in BF3.

here is the link for my laptop specs

So my question is can i run BF3 on that lappy? and possibly maxed out? or will i just be better of playing it on my ps3?

Also feel free to let me know what you think on ps3 vs pc in 2011. i think the ps3's hardware capabilities are kind of limited in 2011 and that gamming on the pc is far more visually advanced

Thanks in advance! i will leave it in your hands if i need to change the pre-order!
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  1. just go to this website:

    every one needs to quit asking if they can run this game. use the above link and it will automatically analyze your pc.

    use it peeps ;)
  2. i asked if i could run it on maxed to tell you the truth.i already used that tool in the past

  3. Max settings nope ......I doubt even at the resolution, the 540m will not be able to max the game. however if you have HDMI/DVI out it should look better than a ps3.
  4. To the you the truth, no you can't run it maxed. The word from EA is that it will require 580's in SLI to run it on Ultra (which is maxed), can you run it reasonably, probably not. And 'that tool' will have a very good idea, if you don't like the answer it gives you, well thats a different problem.

    Here's an idea, how about waiting till is actually released, as nobody actually knows yet, its probably a little lighter than the Beta, but it could be a little worse.
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