i have the asus a7m266 mobo running a 1.4 athlon. My mobo settings are in jumperless mode and the bios says i have a 1.050 gig athlon processor running at 100mhz and a multiplier of 10.5. When i change to 133mhz my system hangs and resets back to 100mhz. i have updated my bios and dbl checked all settings. I can step it up to 114mhz before trouble starts again. wondering if i disable jumper-free mode and do it manually if that will solve my problem???
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  1. try it.
    cant really hurt anything, but if you arent sure, then wait for another post before you go for it.
    that sucks man..
    when i built my sisters comp, i had to set the fsb for the ram, but it didnt change anything with the cpu...
    just the ram speed.
    her motherboard doesnt even have the option to do it manually, i guess that is why i picked it, so that she cant really mess something up.
    good luck tho.


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