Router keeps disconnecting from xbox live

my x box live is connected to my lap top via a ethernet cable and it all links up but when i try log on to xbox live it logs my wirless router off the net please help as i have spent days trying to get it to work
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  1. You need a wireless adaptor, it will fix it, not sure what's causing your router to turn off, you must have an awfully small amount of broadband lol.
    I'd try to get off the console gaming forum though, and ask on some other one, this doesn't have anything to do with the consoles them selves, it's networking. I ASSUME THIS WILL FIX IT, it probably will ;p
  2. I would recommend getting a new update for your router if there is one available, I had a problem with my router that, if I as downloading at around 2.6 Mbs, and I used a different computer that my internet would turn off.

    Also you can try going into your router settings and turning off UPnP. You can also forward the ports on your router settings.

    To get into your router most of the time just go on your computer, open your firefox, or google chrome and where you enter web addresses type in, and if it asks you for a username and password it is usually admin for both.
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