Macbook pro wireless connection on windows partition down

the windows xp partition on my MacBook Pro does not show any wireless internet connection... i assume there's some kind of problem with Macintosh partition since i do pick up wireless internet on Macintosh partition of the laptop. Any suggestions how to fix it, please?
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  1. Install bootcamp drivers.
  2. how do i install them?
  3. It's on your Mac OS X CD or bootcamp told you to burn them if you were using OS X 10.4
  4. ok i did reinstalled the bootcamp and it did not help. :( all same, the windows partition does not show any wireless networks in range, and Mac partition works just fine!
  5. Inside Windows you need to insert your Mac OS X installation disc. Insert and install.

    If you are running OS X 10.4 tiger, bootcamp would have asked you to burn a disc. Insert that and install.
  6. i did exactly that. and got same thing with internet connection... :( i run OS X..
  7. i have a feeling there is something wrong on the leopard side of the laptop, just not sure what it is... the internet on the mac side is working just fine, but on the windows side it does not enable wireless internet at all... :cry:
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