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The computer I want to download the $39.99 Win8 from doesn't have a 64 bit os on it but it has a very fast internet connection and a dvd burner. Some other postings I read says the Download Assistant will only download whatever bit os you have on the machine doing the downloading. So if I want to download/buy the 64 bit version to put on one of my 64 bit machines, I can't use a fast internet machine that isn't 64 bit?

Do I need to find someone with a 64 bit os to buy/download it with a faster connection & dvd burner?

I don't see bit options when ordering the $69 disk. If the packaged Win8 has both 64 & 32, is the $39 download image not the same as the disk they send you?

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  1. I have several machines I can upgrade for friends, relatives & business contacts. I don't have the time to spend several hours at each of their places to download Win8 for whatever machine they have. One of them doesn't have a high speed connection or dvd burner.

    If I download from a 32 bit XP machine, I can't install on a Win7 64 bit machine?

    If I download from a 64 bit Win7 machine, I can't install on a 32 bit XP machine?

    If I download from a 32 bit Vista machine, I can't install on a 64 bit machine running 32 bit XP?

    If I download from a 64 bit XP machine, will I get a 64 bit Windows 8?

    If I buy/order the disk version for $69, I can install on any 32 or 64 bit machine or prev os? Does it give me the option to pick 32 or 64 bit or does it pick one for me? What if it's on a clean machine w/o any os installed?

    I tried to call Msoft and all I get is idiots that tell me they don't have those answers.

    It seems ridiculous to require you to download from the actual machine you plan to upgrade. What if you don't even have an internet connection or dvd burner on it but have a licensed copy of xp, vista or win7 on it?

  2. Got this solved. As ridiculous as it seems here's how it works.

    For the $39.99 upgrade, whatever bit you download from that's the version you'll get. You have to run the upgrade advisor even if you're downloading from work or whatever to take advantage of a faster connection, dvd burner or whatever and plan to install on a different machine.

    If you download/pay from a Win7 64bit, you're downloaded file will be 64 bit Win8 only. Download from 32bit XP, Vista or Win7, your file will be 32bit. Keep this in mind when buying/downloading as you'll be really disapointed if you get the wrong one.

    One other thing. After it downloads the file, it gives 3 options. Install now, save & install later. If you choose save, it lets you save an ISO file or creates a bootable memory stick. Here's why I mention. If you want to save the iso file to a disk, you can't do that and create the memory stick install. You can only do one or the other. I did the save ISO file then created a bootable memory stick install with a utility called Rufus. It worked quite well. So I have a backup on disk, hd and bootable memory stick install.

    I've already installed on a clean machine with a brand new blank hard drive with the memory stick I mentioned. The ISO I downloaded was from a different machine. I unplugged my network connection so it wouldn't auto-activate if I had problems. It gave me a message it needs to be activated. I checked my registry entry to see if it was set to give me the activation problem and it was good to go. As soon as I plugged my network cable back in and rebooted, it auto-activated on me. I didn't have to do anything or didn't get the chance to do anything.
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