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ASUS A7V133 Shutdown

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a b Ĉ ASUS
October 11, 2001 2:35:31 AM

Having trouble with shutdown from Win 98SE. After approx. 30 minutes or so the system will not shut down properly from Start-Shutdown menu. System will either reset or will hang-up. Any ideas re BIOS settings or known bugs with Win 98SE or with ASUS board?

ASUS A7v133
T-Bird 900 Mhz
Crucial 256MB RAM
Radeon AIW VC
SB Live Mp3+ 5.1
Pioneer 16X DVD
USB 56K Modem

Hex Haven

Just when you thought it was safe to compute....

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October 11, 2001 5:44:19 AM

Do you have the latest BIOS version 1005a? Download it <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> and flash your BIOS if you don't. Don't use one of those other ones from overclocking sites, because they might be tampered, and they're not the official ones. Don't change any settings unless you know what you're doing. There's a setting that asks "PNP OS?" - say "No". That way, your BIOS is the one to configure it.

I myself have the same board, and not experiencing any problems. But, maybe your cards aren't setup properly. I'll just give you my configuration and just copy it accordingly, since it's been working fine.

PCI Slot 1: Nothing
PCI Slot 2: Nothing
PCI Slot 3: Sound Card
PCI Slot 4: Nothing
PCI Slot 5: NIC

Make sure <A HREF="" target="_new">VIA 4-in-1 v4.34 drivers</A> are installed. Install the <A HREF="" target="_new">Promise ATA100 driver build 33</A>, even if you aren't using the onboard controller.

If you're still hanging, download the Microsoft fix <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

I'm gonna check my BIOS, then get back to you real quick. If I don't reply within 10 minutes of this post, that means everything I said stands as is.

If you read this before then, I hope it works. :smile:

Kernel32.dll, son of a.... :eek: 
a b V Motherboard
a b Ĉ ASUS
October 13, 2001 4:26:11 AM

Your system is very much like mine. I have never had any shut down problems. You may have a software problem.
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a b V Motherboard
a b Ĉ ASUS
October 18, 2001 12:17:29 AM

Thanks for the reply. So far I've done everything you've suggested and no luck. The system appears to respond differently depending upon how much time has expired since booting up. Most times, it will black out the screen and leave only a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The power does not shut off, however. Other times, it will reset and reboot upon a shutdown command. I've downloaded the fix from MS and still no shutdown. The only way to power down is to hold the on button in for 4 seconds. I'm wondering whether or not I have all other BIOS settings structured properly. Any other ideas???

Hex Haven

Just when you thought it was safe to compute....
October 18, 2001 5:35:10 AM

Seeing how you gots a pretty doggone fast CD burner, I say backup, format, and reinstall. I have my HD partitioned, so in case this occurs, at least all my stuff is safe(r). But, I haven't had any problems.

I diabled Power Management, since I'm not gonna leave my computer on all the time. I don't think it's healthy for your hard drives to be spinning up and down consistently, anyways. If I have to leave it on, I turn off my monitor. No screensavers...I'd rather help save electricity by just turning my monitor off. (A friend's tip.)

If you have Drive Image or Norton Ghost, I would recommend that you install a perfect setup (like the most current drivers and update Windows) and image it to a CD, then make another one when all your apps are installed. That way, if something chokes you don't have to waste so much time.

I'm sorry about it, because it's beyond my knowledge what you can do. I know it's overkill, but maybe it won't take as much time as you fussing over it.

Sorry, and I hope everything works out... :frown:

Don't pay any attention to my chickenscratch. :eek: