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My problem is that i have a low fps when playing ut2004 online.
When i play the game offline (settings to the max) i geth an fps of 230 even if i putt 40 bots in it. Also games like crysis 2 and Call of duty black ops i can run on the highest settings smootly.

Pc info:
Intel i5-2300 CPU 2.80 gHz
4Gb memory
Ati Radeon AEH 6670

Can someone please help me cause its pissing me off :p
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  1. It's an old game dude, try to get an OpenGL renderer for UT.

    Try this: http://www.cwdohnal.com/utglr/
  2. Its an old but still a good game to play 1's a week. Beside's i bought my pc a week ago and want it to work.

    I downloadend it, but it didnt work. Fps is still 10 our lower.
    I have to say it seems like 10 is the limitted fps our something.
    It toggle's between 7,8,9,10. But it never goes over 10.
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