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Cheapest but greatest set up for battlefield 3

Hello, technology is getting better every day i was wondering how much and what would be the best set up for battlefield 3 i have been looking at what is required to run it as well as the prices for this hardware that is recommended. it looks quite expensive. if anyone has they time could they please tell me what i must spend to get the best game experiences for the lowest price
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  1. thats a kind off backward way to do it--tell people what you have to spend and it will be much easier to

    help you

    otherwise we could spend all night suggesting hardware you cant afford
  2. ok lets say $1000
  3. fair enough--is that without a monitor--keyboard-mouse etc and do you want a new case and psu or do

    you have parts you can re-use?

    forgot to ask do you want to build it yourself or already built?
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    you should be able to max out the game with x4 fsaa @1080p on a gfx570 with an i5 2500 with 4 gigs of ram. for a 1155 setup running dx11 cost roughly $1000 or £750
    you should be able to max out dx10 on a gtx 460 and a q6600 2-4 gig of ram for around $650 or £475

    that would include a 650w corsair psu, a decent case with 3 120mm fans (minimum)
    dvd drive 500-1tb hdd
    hd monitors from £$100-£$200 720/1080p

    you can build a system to run it for around 350 but you will be scraping the bottom for perfromance on anything above minimum
  5. i have some parts. like psu and case and extra fans and what not
  6. and with out mouse,key board and monitor
  7. take what hexit said, and just remove the bits you don't need, well under 1000, make sure your PSU is good enough! What resolution is your monitor?
  8. its 1080 hd
  9. ok so with the parts i have i should be able to make it for under 500 nz dollars
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