ECS k7s5a won't boot!!!

I knew it would happen! My first try at putting a PC together and it won't boot! I get one beep initially, fans, HD, disk & CD drives spin, but no video. POST gives me two beeps, slight pause, one beep. There's no documentation in the guide about BIOS POST beeps, and I didn't find any help on their site.

1.4Gig Athlon
ECS k7s5a
one 512MB DDR PC2100 (mwave)
IBM Deskstar
Matrox G100 dual head video (temporary because my Radeon8500 is back-ordered)

My hunch is the video card, but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Save the children :smile:
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  1. I think it's either your video card or memory not properly installed.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. It is most likely that your video card is not properly inserted all the way. The agp slot of that board is a little sensative and you must make sure the card is ALL the way in.

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  3. I already tried popping the DDR in and out, and even tried the other DDR slot. I don't know how I could possibly not install it right anyway because it gets locked in very securely by the clips.

    The video card is another story. It's brand new, but I have no idea of compatibility with the mobo. Right now, I don't have another one to swap out. The PC I'm using to write this has integrated video (yuck!) and SIMMs (so I can't try other RAM right now, either!)

    Do you know what the beeps signify, or where I can find out?


    Save the children :smile:
  4. Thanks for the idea, but it's a PCI card and definitely in all the way. I did try popping it out and put it back in, but that didn't help. Any other ideas? Does the beep pattern mean video problems?

    btw, if I remove the video card completely, the beeps change completely. There are a lot more than with it installed.

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  5. i know you mentioned it before, but make sure you REALLY do have the ram seated all the way down. i thought i was going to snap the mobo trying to get em in there, very snug.
  6. Some of the more common beeps include 2,3 and 8 short ones.

    2/3 means a memory error or something.
    8 means a video detection error.

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  7. Thanks for the ideas everyone, but I checked the insertion of the RAM and video card like the eighth time because I'm definitely not immune to mistakes like that, and absolutely no luck.

    Does anyone have other ideas? I've removed all non-essential PCI cards and drives already--nothing.

    Could it be bad/incompatible RAM? Has anyone tried a single 512DDR with this board? Has anyone tried Mwave DDR chips? I would hate to have to send it back and wait for something else to come in!

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  8. After digging around the old posts, I found one of Stick_e_Mouse's that had a link (<A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>) to beep codes for the AMI BIOS (which is what the k7s5a uses, according to ECS's site). Thanks Stick_e!

    1 short(Beep) = DRAM Flash Error
    2 short(Beep) = DRAM ECC Check Error

    Now, I'm a little confused as to what exactly this means. My RAM is a single 512MB PC2100 DDR (non-ECC). Do I need registered RAM for this mobo?!? Does it need to be registered because its >256MB? In the mainboard guide it has a list of tested DIMMs, and none of them were >256MB.

    I did write to ECS tech. support, but who knows when I'll hear from them...

    Save the children :smile:
  9. it isn't your video card. I had a problem with my video card with the same board, and it gave me 2 beeps, then 8 fast beeps. The 8 beeps was because my video card wasn't seated good.

    the only thing i can recommend is that you reseat everything once more, power off your comp, and reset the CMOS memory.
  10. me too, I thought the vid card was in as hard as i could push it without damaging it. I got the 2 then 8 beeps. The fact that the monitor didnt even power itself up made me recheck the agp card. Sure enough, it did go in further - all the pins went ALL the way in this time and then it worked fine. I know how it feels when you cant boot a fresh pc, i was going nuts for about 20 minutes, stressing about returning goods etc. Stick with it dude.
  11. sorry, i know my last post didnt help you with your two beeps, but might be of use to someone else....
    you WILL get it sorted when you're in company this good i am sure.
  12. You are supposed to be able to use up to a gig of ddr or pc-133, so i would say that using a 512 meg stick would be ok..
    try some different ram, and see if that is the problem, or try your ram in a different computer.
    if it is your ram, then take it back, and get a different brand...
    sometimes brand incompatibilities will cause this..
    different ram chips work different in different boards...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  13. Thanks for the post. I actually just found a review of the k7s5a on a site that used one 512MB ECC DDR from Crucial that worked fine. The only difference is that mine in non-ECC. I have always been told that that doesn't really matter (and that ECC can sometime slow down RAM performance a bit).

    I was able to come up with a 64MB DIMM and video card to try swapping, so as soon as I get home I'll give it a shot.

    Thanks for all of your help!

    Save the children :smile:
  14. unbuffered/non-ECC ram is fine. i have 2x512mb cas2 from infineon.
  15. It was the video card! I finally got a hold of a different one to swap out and BAM--worked perfectly. It turns out the beep pattern signified the CMOS settings were incorrect, but that was normal because I had not configured it yet. Sorry it took me so long to post the solution, but I have been out of town...

    Thanks to everyone who replied to this post!

    My new machine is up and running, now if the Radeon 8500 I ordered would just come in ;)

    Save the children :smile:
  16. congrats!


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
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