Getting into PC gaming.

Hello! I just joined these forums to get some advice and knowledge from so computer techs. I just started getting into PC gaming, but i haven't bought a computer yet. I'm looking for a laptop and not a desktop.

I found this laptop on their website and thought it looked pretty good. I don't know everything about specs, but they seem good to me haha.

My budget is $1000 and i dont want to go under 14" screen. I want to be able to play Minecraft on max settings, or near max settings, as well as TF2 and L4D.

My main question is if this Asus would give me the power to run these games on high to max settings. And if you know of any better laptops in my price-range, then please post them!

Thanks guys!
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  1. this one looks great. will defiantly max out those games, and ones allot newer.
    you don't actually have to spend that much $$$ to max out those games, but its a good investment.

    good luck ;)
  2. Alright good! I'll mainly play minecraft, but i also play 360. But once i head to college i will need a laptop so the amount of money is a pretty good investment. Not only for gaming, thats just a plus!
  3. That laptop looks pretty good for gaming purposes, but you will have to take into consideration the heat dissipation, because it will get hot after a while, especially if you play more demanding games.

    But all in all, it's a good one to have.
  4. That laptop looks okay. I don't think much demanding games are going to run at maxed settings but the games you've mentioned (L4D, TF2, Minecraft) will run great anyway. You might have stuttering in TF2 or Minecraft, since many people even with good rigs, can't seem to reduce the stuttering.
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