Diablo 2: LOD

I have diablo 2 installed but LOD keeps saying it's not there.

-Intel core i7 2600K
-Nvidia 6800
-Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
-8GB ram
-Asus Sabertooth p67 mother board.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. wow your gpu doesnt look right... you tryed booting it from the direct exe?
  3. Yup. I've tried everything I can think off, and it still keeps saying I need to install diablo 2. I know. :( I messed up and build my computer as I went along, instead of all at once, and I'm paying the price still. :( Putting in a 6790, and then my pc should be done.. Thinking maybe more fans in my case, but Idk if it's even needed yet.
  4. What drive letter is your CD drive on? I'm guessing it is not D:?
  5. It's on D: I have 2 harddrives on though. :p One on C: one on F:
  6. Is there a reason you don't want to reinstall? Or you could try to repair the installation if the installer gives you the option.
  7. I've re-installed 3 times now. And tried a repair once. Still keeps doing this. So, I finally came here, to see if maybe someone here can help me figure out why it works on 1 computer(Which is gonna get wiped clean), but not on the other(my custom build).
  8. Can you run D2 by itself? If so will it connect to battle.net and receive updates?

    I would try updating D2 before you install LOD.
  9. Yeah, d2 runs fine. How do I update it? It's already connected to battlenet. But as said, lod keeps saying its not there.
  10. hmm... If it doesn't give you updates you should be up to date. I'm not sure how battle.net handles D2 by itself.

    You could try to d/l the latest LOD patch and apply it manually.

    What I don't understand is why you were able to install LOD if it doesn't recognize that D2 is present.
  11. LoD installed to C or E?
  12. Typically, you would...

    1 - Install D2
    2 - Go to Multiplayer (there, you'll receive the updates automatically). Once you've updated the game, exit.
    3 - Install LOD
    4 - Go to Multiplayer (where you'll receive the proper LOD update automatically)
    5 - Play

    If that doesn't work, then I'm afraid I can't help you. Try contacting Blizzard support and they may be able to help.
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