problem with partition magic, please help.

I had merged 2 of my partitions yesterday and after it was almost done there was an error and said that my files could not be copied over. I was merging my H into my F and it says it couldn't copy the files over. After my computer started back up I checked the new F drive and it has the folder but the folder says it's empty. According to my computer the F partition has 6GB used up but the only folder is the one I created for the H to be copied to. Is there any way to recover the files that it says couldn't be copied correctly? Thanks in advance
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  1. Restore from the backup you made before you decided to merge all your information over.......

    Not sure if there is a recovery portion within Partition Magic, haven't used that in a while. You might want to check that.

    You could try runnings a 3rd party recovery programs, like Windows Greg or a Data Recovery program to see if that finds anything.
  2. Basically, the problem is that you were trying to do something that PM isn't designed to do --> move an entire partition into a folder on another partition (or that's what I got out of your post). To give you more help, I need to know what version of PM you're using.

    Also, can you still access the partitions? After all, there is an 'undo' option there.

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  3. I am using Partition Magic 8.0 and yes I can still access the F partition, but the H partition is the one that I merged into it and I cannot get that partition. I have not been able to find an undo in PM. I was able to find a couple of files through my recently accessed folder when i did a search for them, but one of my movies that I backed up is lost, so I just have to back it up again.
  4. The option, <i>Merge Partitions</i>, is indeed a feature that PartitionMagic 8 can perform. I myself have just performed this task without a hitch. The way Rob described the operations is exactly how PM8 accomplishes the task.

    Unfortunately, any errors encountered during the operation will usually cause the file system to be corrupt, and there will be loss of data. I cannot find a way to recover the files via PartitionMagic 8.0. Your best bet may be to use the data recovery software as suggested by Riser.

    Then again, you should be alright if you were able to back up your data prior to applying these operations in PM8.

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