Ati radeon hd 4200

Can i play the new games coming out.. Like Battlefield3? Or get an newer one
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  1. In Actual this is a IGP and not a graphic card. HD 4200 will not be able to play new games and game like Battlefield3 that runs only on DX10 and 11 it is a dream to run on that IGP. Well either you can buy this motherboard and then buy a real graphic card or simply buy a card directly and use it on your current setup. Atleast HD5770 will be recommended from my side to play it properly even on lower resolutions with an quad core setup as BF3 is CPU hungry too.
  2. what are you full system specs? this will help not just me but the community in helping you assess your current gaming situation, and get the best result for your money
  3. I'm quite sure that the game will not play well on an IGP card like the radeon 4200 that you have. Best you upgrade your GPU.
    But first, provide us with your PC specs and budget IF you want to buy a new GPU.
  4. I think you are better off building a new comp, thats my own opinion. If you want to you would need to tell me your budget and I can probably get you a good system
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