How Can I Make Old Xbox Output HDMI (w/ no HDMI output)

I have an older style Xbox 360 without a HDMI port on it. I don't have a TV, just my computer monitor that does have an input for HDMI. Is there some adapter or special cable I can use in order to hook up my Xbox to my computer monitor?
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  1. Thanks. I just ended taking the easy way out and swapped my 360 for one that had HDMI haha. Now I'm faced with trying to get the optical out to convert to analog (red/white cables) so I can hook into my computer speakers. So far I'm getting a bunch of feedback noise when I do this.
  2. How are you running the audio? For example i have my 360 hooked up to a stereo receiver via HDMI cable. So the TV gets both sound and picture. But my Turtle Beach require their own audio source, so for those i use the audio dongle/adapter that comes with the 360 to run the red/white cables out so the headset also has audio. If you have hook ups for red/white cables why not just use them to begin with rather than trying to down convert optical to analog?
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