Dragona Online: Going Global this December 8, 2011

Hi! Guys, I've been playing Dragona for quite awhile now and It just happened that I bumped into this game while I was googling for new Free to Play MMORPG. Actually I started Playing Dragona Korea due to curiousness, why? I saw their gameplay and graphics at youtube. Actually I did a reseach about this game and It was awesome. It's like WOW combined with Aion with more additives like Dragon Transformations and more. Also what intrigue me most that made me play this game is the Battle style, why? I think this game is build for battle since they have different types ob battle systems like Battle of Celebration and Battle of Death, that is held hourly and its your choice if you join it. Also they have a PK system starting at lv 23. My friends and I tried to PK players however we were the ones killed haha.. Its also your choice if you PK and there are many consequences. Anyway sice i cant understand korean I found out that Philippines has an English version of Dragona and my friends and I moved there to learn more. Now, we heard an announcement that Dragona will launch Globally i think this December 8, 2011 as i've seen in thier teaser site http://bit.ly/dragonateaser and fanpage http://on.fb.me/dragonaglobalfb for more updates.

4 Races 8 Classes

Guys, If anyone plays Dragona. Please help me with my scouts build THX! :D
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  1. This sounds a bit like a Lineage 2 + Aion + Rappelz... thanks, but no thanks.
  2. Just watched their videos its awesome.. here's the link http://bit.ly/dragonayoutube
  3. Interested indeed, and waiting for the global version of it.
  4. The CBT of Dragona Global had started last December 8, 2011 5:30PM PDT and still on going. With its successful launching they are still expecting more players to participate and try the game.

    Well it is not too late to REGISTER and PLAY the Game. Check out their Site:

    Official Dragona Global Site: http://dragona.sc.gameclub.com/drmain.asp
    Download the Game: http://dragona.sc.gameclub.com/Download/Download.asp
    Official Facebook Fanpage: http://dragona.sc.gameclub.com/Download/Download.asp
    Join the Forum: http://forums.playdragona.com/forum.php

    Don’t be left out REGISTER NOW!
  5. Krausser said:
    With its successful launching they are still expecting more players to participate and try the game.

    Do you even read what you're writing? So is it a successful launch, or they're still expecting players to go try it? Try to decide, and please do stop advertising, it's just lame. We got the point from the first post, so let it be now.
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