Oblivion lag with high end hardware

Simple the topic says it all, i think it may have to do with my graphics card being new......
here is my specs,
AMD phenom II X4 840t
8 gigs of ram
HD radeon 6950
windows 7 (probably the problem)
is my video card just too new for oblivion or what?...no mods either
also its updated to the latest.....everything is, oblivion drivers direct x, ect
any idea's?
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  1. Welcome to Oblivion...

    Most likely it's your processor. Oblivion doesn't play well with 4 cores. I've heard forcing it to two cores can improve the micro stutter (if that is your problem).
  2. http://www.tweakguides.com/Oblivion_3.html best look here as they have a lot of solutions for all sorts of oblivion performance issues.
  3. Thanks guys, im getting better FPS and no stuttering, i will look more on that list and report back if i find anything.
  4. it works great with my 6850 which is a new card, so i dont think its your gfx card. more likely the quad core. You can set the processor affinity to use 2 cores, cant remember how but jsut do a goocle search.
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