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okay... these are the specs... AMD 1.4ghz, ECS k7s5 m/b, nanya 256mb ddr, quantum 40gb and 64mb geforce 2mx400, 300w ATX case.. i only bought this yesterday, and i assembled it myself (first time i've done that).. everything was working FINE until all of a sudden, after i'd been running it for about 10hours, it just turned off by itself! the power just cut out on it mid way through playing a game... and now it wont turn back on. When i try and turn it on, the cooling fan on the CPU, and the power supply fan rotate once and thats it.. nothing else after that... can anyone please tell me what the problem might be here?? it didn't smell like anything had burnt, and everything still LOOKS fine..
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  1. Sounds like a short somewhere. Check for any loose solder or anything else that may have shorted on the board. All it takes to trip circuit-breaker is the slightest contact with improper ground. Goodluck!

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  2. Try the following:
    1. Different power cord
    2. Different power supply
    3. Different power strip
    If you're lucky, one of those is the problem.

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  3. ohh! well i tried those three steps, and still the same problem... i'm thinking kronos may be rite, looks as tho i've had some sort of short, or even the cpu may have burnt out

    i've already taken it back to the store tho, so i can't check for problems in regards to shorts and burnt out parts...

    if this is the problem, would this be covered under warranty if the store i purchased the parts from assembled the cpu side of the system, including heatsink and fan? they also chose the cpu fan as well as the sytem fan for me, so i assumed sufficent cooling would be supplied
  4. Power spike/surge may have fried some part, rendering similiar symptoms to a short.

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  5. Cooling isn't the problem.
    Try taking out everything. See if it turns on then. By everything I mean all cards, disconnect HD's/CD's, etc., and remove the RAM.

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