Bioshock, no sound

When I insert the disk and it starts the load cycle, there is sound through all of the scenes and menus. But once the actual game play starts, there is no sound. If i escape back to the menu there is sound again,back to game play ,no sound again. Anyone have a solution for me?
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  1. Are you playing this through steam? or Retail?

    Do you have a sound card or onboard?

    Either way Update your Sound Drivers.

    What OS are you on? Vista/7?

    I read somewhere that if you change the compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) it should work, Not for sure though.

  2. I'm playing it retail,onboard sound, N460GTX Twin Frozr II Graphics. When I try to update sound drivers, it says the best drivers are already installed. OS is Windows 7 Home Prem. I tried compatibility mode with no luck. My system scores a 7.3 on everything but HDD, it scores a 5.9
  3. When I googled "Bioshock No Sound Windows 7" I found alot of forums reading to enable stereo mix, could you try this?

    go to the volume and right click and go to recording tab. and click Show Disabled Devices. and Stereo mix should pop up and enable it.

    Hopefully this works

  4. Recently my friend bought a new PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Everything is peachy except Bioshock, It has no sound after the game starts. He has to searched on Google but can't find a definitive answer or else the definitive answer doesn't work. He tried changing the configuration file to use a different sound output system and tried using compatibility mode, Nothing seems to work. The game worked well for me on Vista. Please produce some more attachments about the topic.

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