Xbox live though compaq mini ???

plz can eveone tell me how to get a little sharing tab up on a compaq mini windows 7 i no how to do it on a laptop all you av to do is go to the bottom right click on internet access, right click on yore connection go to properties and at the end it says sharing on my compaq mini it dosent can eneone help me plz :)

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  1. Are you trying to pick up a wireless signal with the Compaq and then share it so your Xbox has internet?

    From what i have read it is the same process for Windows 7 as in Vista.
  2. oh sorry i dident say its though a internet cable and the site u poster is the exacting one i used to use it on my other laptop what im trying to do is find weaar the sharing tab for the compaq mini it is not wear it shud be when i go on the proprieties tab its not at the end thanks for the help thow :)
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