Have a good build, but feels like low fps?

Hello, Typical question but I was curious about if I am needed for an upgrade to get an fps higher then 40, I've been getting less then 25 fps rather then the average 30. My specs are a quad core Q8300 2.50ghz with 8gigs of ddr2 ram and graphics card is an Ati HD 5670 ddr5. It seems like I should be getting more out of my computer but I feel like it's not, is there any upgrades I should do? resolution is 1920 by 1080. Even in few year old games I feel like my FPS is horrible. I know my current video card can't max out the current games that are out this year but this question is for why I'm not getting an fps of 60 on older generation games. Thank you.
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  1. Personally i would slap the res down to 1680 x 1050 its not so bad also sticking to 2xAA is ok.

    If i had to change stuff i would go with a new GFX card, like a 580 or 560ti?

    Hope this helps Player
  2. 25 fps? in what game? you arent giving much info to go on. also your cpu is at a pretty low clock speed and your gpu is pretty old
  3. the fps is about right for that specs, you should upgrade the graphics card, i have similar specs but i have a gtx 660 ti at battlefield 3 running about 50-60 fps. soon i hope, im upgrading to a later custom built pc, but the fps is about right for those specs.
  4. What games are you playing if one game is doing 50 60 FPS and one is 30 that is normal but if one hardware is slower then others like the ram DDR 2 then the other hardware will not reach its max
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