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Hi. Not sure if this is a Windows question or an Internet question - I thought the question was best posted here.

I only just got Windows 7 (64-bit) so am very new to what is different from XP, but there is one question I really would like to get cleared up ASAP and Googling hasn't (so far) helped. Maybe someone can advise?

I connect my PC to the internet via a LAN cable to my "BT Home Hub" (no point in using the wireless option, as I do with my laptop, as the hub and the PC sit next to each other). I do not want to be permanently connected to the internet as the PC is primarily for gaming (Fligth Simulator), but I can't see an easy way to turn the connection on or off (short of pulling the cable out). In XP I had an icon in the system tray which I could right click and choose 'disable'. Not so with Windows 7 and I can't see any option 'Show icon in the system tray when connected', as in XP - there is a network icon, but to turn off the LAN connection to the web I have to follow links either to 'Network Sharting Center', then Local Area Connection and choose 'disable'. Haven't found a way to re-enable short of going into Device Manager and re-enabling the Network Adapter from there.

Surely there must be a 'one-click' solution, as in XP? I am prepared for a bit of a learning curve here, but would really like to get this one 'niggle' out of the way.

Many thanks,

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