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I like Steam, but it seems lately it takes so long to get started with it that I'm out of the mood to play the game I wanted to play by the time it's ready to rock and roll?

It's not a computer issue, maybe the Steam community has grown so much it just takes more time to initiate and update it's client platform to get ready for you to use it?

Seems that if this is a common issue Steam should steadily be improving their response time to all it's user base, lately I catch myself playing a game like Crysis2, because from the desktop I can be playing in less than a minute, sometimes Steam takes way longer.

It also probably has to do with the Steam Store initializing also to get you to the actual Selection screen to either play and access your Game Library, or purchase a game etc.

What do you all think about this?
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  1. No idea what you are talking about, steam is loaded when the PC boots up, and it takes maybe 3secs to load a game.
  2. Same here. It loads up for me in about 2 seconds. It will probably be your computer, I'm not sure how up to date your computer configuration is but you could get yourself a faster HDD or an SSD and that would obviously speed things up. The Samsung Spinpoint F3s are really good I use mine for steam and gaming.
  3. cygone said:
    No idea what you are talking about, steam is loaded when the PC boots up, and it takes maybe 3secs to load a game.

    Is that a steam option/setting? My steam doesn't start at boot, nor would I want it to. Anyhow, it takes my steam about 5 seconds to display fully, but does seem slow at loggin in sometimes. The games start loading immediately once double clicked on in the games list.
  4. Mine doesn't start at boot; it launches the first time I launch a steam game. It takes about 6 seconds for the window "connecting to steam account..." to clear and then I'm in the game.

    I've no idea what the OP is complaining about. Is 6 seconds too much to wait for?
  5. cnox said:
    Is 6 seconds too much to wait for?

    The OP did not say it took 6 seconds to load up, he said it took sometimes over a minute to load.
  6. Hey Ryan,

    Not sure it'll solve your entire problem but try and set the default page to "Library" instead of "Steam Store". That way, it'll go straight to your game library and you won't have to download the web interface/page of the store when you launch Steam. I usually run steam on boot...and rarely reboot so I can't say i'm experiencing the same.

    Hope this helped.

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