PS3 or building a PC?

Hi all,
For some time now i've have been wondering what to buy, a PS3+TV or a good PC. Normally i'd say "Go for the PC! :D " But now there are more things to take note of.

First of all i still have a PC, and while it's old i can do stuff for school on it and play some older games on it.
Also, because next year i'm probably moving away from my parents, already having a TV might be more helpfull. Finally most of my friends have a PS3, so buying one would allow me to play with them :P.
On top of that the PS3+TV combo is around 100-200 euros cheaper.

But still i like PC gaming and i have been one for my entire life. So i really don't know what to do :(

Anyone have some advice?
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  1. Well I have a PC used for gaming and work, a Xbox 360 that pwns, and I'm planing to get a psp too(for god of war mostly) :D. So if I were u I'd get a xbox for now + tv, and after u move from your parents house :) consider getting a PC.
  2. I was a strict PC gamer up until about 3 years ago or so. Although I love the graphics on the PC and being able to customize the keyboard and mouse, I've got used to playing on a nice comfortable couch and a 46" HD TV. Also, more and more pc games seem to be console ports with inferior graphics and limited keyboard/mouse configuration. There are some games I still buy for the PC, but most are for the PS3. Also, I'm going to be forced to upgrade my PC soon if I want to play the newest games. With the PS3, I'm guaranteed the hardware will be enough for any new ps3 games.
  3. I strictly play games on the PC, but I'm not a hardcore gamer.

    If cost is a factor, then getting a PS3 is better because in the long run there is no need to upgrade to play the latest games. #1 you can't upgrade even if you wanted to unless there's some kinda hack out there, but that would void your warranty. #2 games designed for the PS3 should run fine since consoles do not consistantly push the envelop. Assuming the PS3 is still around 4 years from now, any games released then will still be playable. The same cannot be said of PC games.

    The PS3 also comes with a Blu-Ray player so I you don't have your own BR player, then buying the PS3 kinda kills two birds with one stone (unless you don't like watching BR movies).
  4. Ever consider the PC and TV? not a cheap option but i find it very satisfying to sit back in my couch and surf the net or facebook or whatever on a 42" LCD. You can ever use a wireless xbox controller for gaming if you wanna feel like it's a console
    All your music, movies, games, internet and more, all in one place, the perfect media centre.
  5. if you already have a pc you can use it on your TV for surfing the net and so on . i think the ps3 + TV would be best. if your PC isn't too old you could consider upgrading some parts.
  6. Since you are going to move away from your parents and stay with friends, it would be the best idea to get a TV. But before that make sure that none of your friends own a TV. Anyhow you need a Desktop / Laptop for any other needs like surfing, studying purposes and even more.

    Either take the Desktop with you or get one Laptop.
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