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I have an ABIT BH6 motherboard and I would like to upgrade the video card, processor, and ram. Right now I have a celleron 450 with 128megs of ram and a TNT video card. What would be my the best options for upgrading. I do not wish to change the motherboard. Thx for all your help.

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  1. so you dont want to change your mobo. right.
    firstly look at your motherboard manual.
    find out what the best processor you can get.

    then you can upgrade to the appropriate pentium3.. my guess the max you can do is a p3 600 to 700.
    definately a step up froma cellery 450.

    next is ram...
    get another stick of 128mb ram for a real boost.
    i think your motherboard can only take a system bus of 100mhz, so pc133 is not required unless it happens to be cheaper or u want to overclock.

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  2. ooops almost forgot...

    graphics wise you can find a TNT2 ultra for very little nowerdays... ild probably reccomend against going for a geforece as you may get compatibility issues.

    but the pentium chip, double the ram, and the tnt2ultra should boost things significantly.

    if you have some moolah you may also want to get a fast 7200rpm hard drive too... say a 20gig one.
    you wont be able to use the full ability of its ata100 interface, but it will still be far faster than your celleron 450 era drive (probably quieter and cooler too)

    Religious wars are 2 groups of people fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.
  3. From:

    Three 168-pin DIMM sockets support up to 768MB SDRAM module

    Supports Pentium®III/Celeron 450~700 MHz processor cartridge.
  4. Thx for your help but
    I was thinking of buying a processor of like 900 and up, But well I guess I can't. Ok so now if I want to buy a new motherboard, processor, ram, videocard and memory then what would be my best options? I dont really need the top of the line or most expensive things. Im looking for a good combo for a reasonable price, if you dont want to tell me everything then just tell me the link to a site where I can find this info. Thx a lot.
  5. If he can support a PIII 600-700 (Coppermines), he can support all the rest-all Abit BX motherboards supported a 133MHz FSB. Multipliers are usually a non-issue with these mulitplier locked processors. BIOS and voltage support are the only things needed.

    Back to you Tom...
  6. Get the PIII 700E and overclock the bus speed to 133, giving you 933MHz. Make sure your PCI divider is at 1/4 and your AGP divider at 2/3 (there is no proper 1/2 AGP bus divider for the BX).

    If your afraid to overclock the bus, you can run an 850E.

    If your not affraid to overclock the bus but don't want to overclock the processor, you can use a true 933 or even a 1000EB.

    The only reason faster processors are not listed in the manual or online is because they have not been tested on that platform. Abit quits testing when they quit producing the board. But all Coppermine CPU's are multiplier locked, so multiplier support is not necessary, the CPU does that.

    Back to you Tom...
  7. You'll also want the latest BIOS, as some earlier versions did not support the Coppermine. You'll have to do the BIOS update BEFORE the CPU upgrade.

    Back to you Tom...
  8. somehow i doubt that mobo supports 133Mhz system bus speed and the 1/4 multiplier... could be wrong of course.

    even so, doubling the ram, a p3-700, and a tnt2ultra is a nice step up from what he has

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  9. It's an Abit dude, I can't think of a single Abit BX board that didn't. As Far as I know ALL Abit BX boards supported 1/4PCI and 133MHz FSB. Name one that didn't?
    I would recommend either an MX400 or Radeon LE, as those two cards (and the better versions) will support an 89MHz AGP bus. Add that to a PIII 700@933 and you have a well-performing system.

    Back to you Tom...
  10. Oh, and why the 700 if he's not overclocking? The 750 is actually CHEAPER but doesn't overclock as easily.

    Back to you Tom...
  11. Thx for all your help guys
    when I decide on what to get ill let you know
  12. If you alsready have PC133, I'd suggest an inexpensive video card upgrade, such as the MX400 or Radeon LE, and a PIII 700 overclocked to 933 (because they are relatively inexpensive). You'll likely need a video card upgrade to run the faster bus speed. Also you need PC133, but even Micron can be had for $19 for 128MB and free shipping on that.

    Back to you Tom...
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