Microsoft sidewinder joystick that works on xp

I recently upgraded to a new PC and Windows XP. When
attempting to load SideWinder precision designed for windows98 I got a message that the version not compatable with windows you are running what if anything can I do I like this controller
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  1. Did a Google search for you but knowing which version of the Sidewinder would be the key.

    Firstly, others have done this to get it working:
    "go into Settings/ Control Panel in the Start menu. Select Game Controllers from the list (If you can't see Game Controllers in the list select "Switch to Cl@ssic View" at the top left of the screen then select Game Controllers from the list). Select Add in the dialog box which appears. From the list that appears select Microsoft Sidewinder (auto-detect). Click OK and exit your way back out."

    Here is the Google search so you can find your exact model:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=abf634074cc5c76c&biw=1344&bih=658
  2. thanks for the reply I looked at the bottom of my sidewinder its I.D. 52862-579-5532076-00000 dose that help I still do not know what to do Oh I am in my 70's
  3. If the above method did not work i would think that what you would need are the drivers for the controller that are for Windows 7. To look those up you would need the model number of the controller. The Microsoft Sidewinder series has all sorts of stuff including controllers, keyboards, mice and so on.

    For controllers they have things like the 3D Pro, Precision Pro. The name would be something like that. With that you could Google for say "Sidewinder 3D Pro Windows 7 Drivers" and find them.
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