How Do I Remove These Viruses


After running Norton AV, I got the following report but no instructions on how to remove these threats.

First, are they harmful?

If yes, how do I remove them? When I click on them they all lead to C

C\Program Files\Common Files\GMT\___ folder. Should I just delete

the GMT folder or subfolders pointed by these threats?

Here are the threats listed as :

rk.bin - Spyware.Marketscore - Spyware found

rlvknlg.exe - Spyware.Marketscore - Spyware found

GMT.exe - Adware.Gator - Adware found

HDPlugin 1101.dll - Adware.Gator - Adware found

GatorStubSetup.exe - Adware.Gator - Adware found

Please help.

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  1. These are not viruses but spywares. Download <b><A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>Microsoft Antispyware</A></b></font color=red> and run it to remove them.
  2. Or use the Firefox web browser instead of IE and not have to do spyware scans as often.

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  3. I posted this for another user but here it is again

    Here's some free stuff that can help you if it's a virus, malware etc.

    Spyware Malware Adware Scanners/Removers
    AdAware SE
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    A squared (a²)

    AVG AntiVirus

    Kerio Personal Firewall
    OutPost Firewall
    Zone Alarm

    Online AntiVirus/Malware Scanners
    eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner
    HouseCall by TrendMicro
    Panda ActiveScan
    RAV AntiVirus Scan
    Bit Defender Scan Online
    GFi TrojanScan
    Symantec Security Check

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