Battlefield 3 will not install

When I run autorun for BF3 I am prompted to choose language and the install screen, but when I hit install the window just disappears and absolutely nothing happens.

I also am unable to update my graphics driver beyond 275.33, because of a "1% is not a valid Win32 Application" error. I know there is a "fix" for it, but every time I try to delete the NVIDIA Corporation file in Programfiles, it says it's unable to be deleted because there is currently a program using that file.
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  1. Where do you live? (what country)
  2. United States. Before, I was told that I needed to put qtcore4.dll back in SysWOW64, because when it tried to install it said that file was missing. I followed the instructions exactly and restarted, now I get no prompts otherwise and nothing happens.
  3. This is actually a registry issue. In my experience it usually is associated with malware. Typically it is only a residual problem left over since this class of malware is normally easily detected and removed.

    I am not sure how qtcore4.dll factored into it but it seems to be an important system file.

    If you think it could be corruption
    Click here for Microsoft's solution.
    Also, run some hard drive diagnostics and checkdsk

    Malware is more likely...

    I couldn't find the article to link but Microsoft published a statement on technet that said after an infection is removed the system has still been permanently compromised.

    What this means: Assuming proper removal there is nothing actively malicious on your system, however, often malware creates system vulnerabilities. While active they can flag your IP to a remote server for future intrusion.

    Microsoft's solution? - System re-imaging.

    Bottom line: System files don't get corrupted without a reason, check your rig.
  4. to remove the drivers boot into safe mode
  5. Sorry about the .dll comment got my threads mixed up.
  6. This shouldn't be happening on an uncorrupted PC.
  7. I got them removed finally, and have Nvidia, Origins and BF3 all installed. The game starts and goes to the menu like normal, but when I click the campaign, the screen goes black and I just have the mouse icon.
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