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Bought a Tapwave Zodiac 2 unit at a garage sale for $5. That is all I have. What else do I need for it and where can I buy the add'l hardware? Seems too good to just toss without some research on hardware. Help! Thanks.
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  1. Peripherals and accessories:
    -5V regulated DC switch mode battery charger, using proprietary connector.
    -USB PC synchronization cable, incorporating pass-through female charger connector (allowing charging from mains while synchronizing)
    -Car battery charger
    -Cradle Attachment for sync cable (poorly designed, unreliable electrical contacts)
    -Folding Keyboard (some 3rd party Bluetooth & IR models, unknown whether dedicated keyboard capable of using sync cable connector existed)
    -Some SDIO Cameras can be used such as the Veo Camera.

    Here's some more tech data in a review:
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