Battlefield 3 and HD4890 Crossfire

Anyone running BF3 with 4890s xfired?

Hows the performance?

I know BF3 has been having issues with xfire setups.
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  1. has there really been issues with xfire?

    that would explain why i begin to lag 10 minutes into game and then crash to desktop.

    idk whats going on

    i5-750 stock
    CF 5850
    4 gb dddr3
  2. I am running two 4890s in crossfire. i see almost NO improvements in game (campaign or multiplayer) since i added the second card. The two cards in close proximity increase temps noticeably, i feel like i may be better off with just one card to be honest, atleast i dont have to alt-tab to afterburner to see if im melting. :/

    AMD Phenom II X2 565 4Ghz
    ASUS HD4890 dual fan xfire
    XFX HD5890 mono fan xfire
    ASUS Crosshair Formula IV 3xPCIE
    6GB Corsair XMS3
    Cooler Master HAF 932 tower
    Cooler Master V8 CPU fan
    Sigma Monster 1000W psu
    Windows 7x64
  3. oh and i am seeing low frame rates followed by lag with settings on HIGH. medium seems to be stable with either the single or dual card setup. :(
  4. Since making this thread, I've added another 4890. Both are XFX but different revisions (I guess you can call it that).

    I've noticed a much better performance on medium settings with shadows on low I believe. AA and everything else is turned off. But like you, I can't really play on high at a respectable frame rate. Medium has been great though. certain maps like Seine can drop my fps in the 30s. But usually i'm getting 50+.

    Temps aren't bad. The second card seems cooler. I got fans around 55-60%. Temps end up around high 70s. I play with headphones so fan sound isnt a problem. I can bump it up more to get a bit lower temps.

    Graphics still look great at medium. Id rather have consistent playability anyway.

    With just one 4890, I was getting something like 25-40 FPS on the above settings. Definitely noticed an improvement.

    Hopefully newer drivers and DICE patches will improve the performance.
  5. I decided to go with two seperate cards NOT in crossfire, i was able to move the cards apart thanks to the very variable motherboard with 3xpcie, which makes cooling much better, and since i use a second screen when im not gaming it just keeps the systems isolated.

    Havent seen temps break 69 C, usually both cards have the fans put on 100% before i start gaming, may or may not be the best way but CCC is ******* stupid, and afterburner only changes one of my fan speeds.. the fans are loud but when im gaming i can only hear the bose 2.1.

    yeah cant wait for some updates man. im gallilei on battlelog.
  6. i have the following setup

    motherboard Asrock z68 extreme4 gen3
    i5 2500k stock
    8gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram
    850 watt corsair psu
    crossfire powercolor pcs+ hd4890 (15% overclocked from stock 4890)
    2x ocz agility Raid0

    and after beching bf3 @1920x1080 using max fsaa and everything on ultra with hbao off im getting average of 83fps using fraps benchmark for 40 minutes in game
  7. I must be doing something wrong. I'm also in a strange performance hole with BF3.

    I'm running all High, 2x AA, HBAO On, i'm getting about 40-50 FPS but i have these weird sags. Not spikes, they last longer than that. It's as if the game is like "Oh didn't see that large group of buildings there, gotta render that"

    I'm experiencing the same as others, where it's working but not to the effect that it should. I ran it with and without CF enabled and I could barley notice a difference.

    I'm running:
    AMD Phenom X4 955BE @ 3.8Ghz
    CrossFireX Radeon 5850's
    8GB G.skill Ram

    Anyone have an explanation as to why CF isn't working performing like it should?

    EDIT: I've been using the advice found in this post over at :
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