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need help with my acer 5740(6378), accidentally formated all the drives including the hidden partition that has all the important back up recovery files in it... so the problem is that i can't install a new windows 7 anymore... using the alt+f10 shows up error and doing this:

Repair your computer
Select keyboard layout, click Next then enter your user details
Click Command prompt
here you should be presented with 'X:\Windows\System32
type 'cd\' <Enter> without quotes
then at X:\ type 'mbrwrwin boot hdo:x' <Enter> without quotes
this sets the MBR to boot off the X: partition (ie. 'hidden partition')
now type 'Exit'

doesn't help either
.... further more... if i try doing a clean installation with the windows 7... it keeps asking for the drivers which i already have but the problem then again is that all the drivers that i downloaded from the acer site that it doesnt have all the necessary drivers that the laptop is looking for...anyways if anybody has a copy of a backup disk that i can i download.. well thanks so much if you could share... here is my email add....
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  2. "accidentally formated all the drives including the hidden partition"
    That is no accident, that is on purpose, you don't accidently delete a hidden partition.
    Contact Acer with your details and purchase a set of recovery disks.
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