need help setting up 2 hdd

hey fellas, i need some help...first time here at THGC...i'm building a comp for the first time also...i have an athlon 1ghz with retail fan, epox 8k7a mobo, 512mb pc2100, pioneer 106s dvd, and running win98...

i'm wanting to buy two separate hdd, the two being an ibm60gxp 20GB and the ibm60GXP 40GB...

how do i hook these two up? i heard people talk about raid, primary, secondary, master, slave, jumper, etc...and i have absolutely no idea what any of this stuff means...i know, i know, i'm an absolute newbie...heh heh heh

thanks in advance for ur help...
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  1. Hi onlyworst

    If i were you I would set up the 20Gb drive as the master on the primary Channel This would be labeled IDE 1 on the motherboard but for boot-up purposes it would be labeled IDE-0 in the BIOS. You would be wise to make a primary partition on this drive of say 2Gb for Win98 only. You can do this in DOS using FDISK and then FORMAT. The drives should come shipped as already set up as master drives. The rest of this 20Gb drive I would use for Applications/Games etc. I would then use the 40Gb drive as Master on IDE channel 2 and put your DVD drive as Slave on either Channel 1 or channel 2. Your DVD is probably setup as a master also just read the instructions for the DVD as to where to place the jumper for it to be Slave.......usually marked SL. If you were to configure the drives as a RAID array you would lose 20gigs of the 40GB drive as both drives need to be the same size. Also to enable the higher transfer rates of these drives you must use 80-conductor IDE cables.
    Sorry if I'm throwing all this info at you I hope I haven't confused you more........if so let me know..I'd be glad to help you more.

    Good Luck

    K7S5A. 1.2T'Bird@266Mhz 128Mb DDR. WinNT4 ......No Problems!
  2. lets look at hard drive jumper setting their is a selection calles cs it means cable slect, you should put the jumpers on both drives to cs and the drive that you put at the last posistion will be automaticly the primary the drive in the middle will be secondary. About raid if their is a raid controler you need to decide if you want raid level 0 wich means two seperate drives and if you are looking for speed and reliabili8ty set to raid 1 which creates a mirror effect
  3. thx for the quick question...whats partioning do exactly? and whats the advantages to doing it?
  4. Partitioning creates seperate <b>logical</b> drives within the physical drive, allowing you to segregate data for tidyness, performance, data integrity and if necessary for multiple operating systems.


    1 x 40GB 60GXP

    3GB for Windows 98SE
    1GB for 98SE swapfile and temp. internet files.
    5GB for 98SE Apps.
    12GB for 98SE Games.
    5GB for W2K

    This means you would have 2 OS on your drive, could format any partition without losing any other partition. It is handy for defrags too. With less data being added to or deleted from the OS partitions, general system performance should be higher due to less clutter (disk access time decreases).

    <b><font color=blue>~scribble~</font color=blue></b> :wink:
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