Empire total wars causes computer restart


Playing Empire TW recently (via Steam) and after a few mins it causes my computer to restart. Pretty high spec PC , good graphics card (it runs Napoleon TW without problems).

Any ideas?
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  1. Could it be your GPU or CPU overheating?

    That seems like the most proabable thing at the moment.

    Post your GPU and CPU temperatures.

  2. If it can play Napoleon TW which is more graphically intensive, then it definitely sounds like a problem with Empire TW.

    Do not download any 3rd part programs it is unnecessary.

    The first thing I would try is verify integrity of game cache.

    Open steam then go to your library > right click on Empire total war then go to properties > click on local files then click on verify integrity of game cache.
  3. You need to post your specs in order to help you with the problem. If we don't know what you have then it could be all kinds of things that is causing your CTD.
  4. I used to have the same problem when I would play on my old system. For me i was because my system was not getting enough air circulation and the graphics card would over heat. Check your temperatures.
    This might not be the case for you because napoleon is working fine for you, so if not it has got to be the game.
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