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hi guys,

I bought my pc few years ago, so I understand that I can't run the latest games on ultra settings, but still..
I had problems with it's performance since buying it and I have absolutely no idea why. I can't even play BF3 at low, 1920x1200 settings, the fpc is just horrible (and it's not only about BF3, all the games run like...). Could you help me configuring it somehow to get more from it ? specs are :
CPU : Intel C2Q Q9400 @ 2.66GHz
GPU : ATi 4870x2
RAM : 4GB Kingston DDR2 (800MHz)
HDD : Seagate 1TB SATA (7200rpm)
-and, of course, I do have latest drivers.
I am sure that it can do better at games, I just don't know how to boost it..
any ideas ?

thank you
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  1. I cannot see any reason why you wouldn't be able to run the game at least on high. I used to have a 4850. I would have been more than envious of your 4870x2. I ran crysis on high with that 4850. What is your OS (64 or 32 bit). And what kind of psu are your running? I am trying to fix a computer for a friend, and I know that his 650 watt psu is bottlenecking a 3870x2. So I would imagine an even more powerful card, followed by your other specs., could easily be having issues with inadequate power.

    Also, is everything running stock? Did you do any recent, possibly unstable, overclocks? Is your RAM at stock speeds?

    Hope to hear back soon :)
  2. is your CF enabled? have you tried running at lower resolutions? what's your aa/af settings? and as asked above overclocks? running temps?
  3. OS : Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    PSU : Fortron TenTen 1000W

    i have never tried to overclock anything, only the GPU in CCC a bit (but it didn't help at all), so everything is at stock speed.
    yes, I have tried lower resolutions and aa/af settings, it is better but I can still see few lags even on 1280x960 and everything on low, so the problem is somewhere else..
    and.. what is CF ? crossfire ? I didn't turn it off, so I suppose it's on. running temps are about 80°C.
    thank you guys for trying to help me.
  4. Well I have never actually owned a dual GPU card, which I assume you have, but I could see how it could be messed up because it thinks you have 2 physical cards. I would give that a try. I also tried the CCC OC utility when I had my 4850. I OC the ram a tiny bit, and after that I swear the graphics got way worse. I went with Nvidia this time. Got myself a gtx 580. I still have love for AMD, but I will probably avoid their cards again for these reasons. /:
  5. I like AMD for the fact that they try strange stuff like dual gpu on one card or the kind of cross fire that you can set up with llano GPU and a dedicated where dedicated generates 3 frames and llano gpu generates 1 frame.

    double check that cf is on/off

    80C is kinda high on a desktop, but I think the cut back is around 85-90 so you should be alright.
  6. cf is off (GPU-Z says that), how to turn it on ? and, I'm not sure I understand the post above
    thank you
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