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I have an Asus A7M266 motherboard with an Atlon XP 1800 cpu. When I boot and the floppy drive is accessed after POST the floppy drive will stall. No activity is taking place with the drive. Doesn't matter if I have a disk in the drive or not. I read that the BIOS for my board doesn't support XP and this may be the problem. I have downloaded the latest BIOS for the board and want to flash it. However, how can I do this if my floppy drive is stalling out. I know the drive is good and the ribbon cables are orientated correctly. Any help would be highly appreciated.
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  1. I have flashed the bios directly out of windows with the last two boards I've owned, the fic ad11 and shuttle ak31 version 3.1. I downloaded awardflash and the latest bios version to the documents file, and saved the old (current) bios when prompted. Asus usually has one of the best flash programs. I would read their recommendations, and wouldn't flash out of windows unless you have at least 256k of memory. I could never get the bios to flash out of dos, as I usually ran out of room on the floppy after saving the current bios. There just wasn't enough room on a 1.44 floppy for both the old bios and new bios. If you are unsure, wait for more advice.
  2. You can update it straight out of Windows. Set your computer to boot to HD, run AsusUpdate after getting into Windows, and update your BIOS.

    I just flashed mine. Only problem I'm noticing is that my temps went up about 10oC for the exact same setup, no changed made....hrrrmm.....

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  3. I used to have an ABit KT7-Raid. I remember that on one of the BIOS version updates, the temp went up just like yours. ABit said it was expected for that particular update.....

    So if it helps, you are not alone
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