GRID for $3.74 --- On Steam

Does anyone have this game? What do you think of it??? I'm planning on buying it for the price it's at!

Also, what kind of controllers are you guys using to play these types of games on the PC???
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  1. I loved the demo, and I bought it. Just can't download it yet. And don't think I will download it for a while..

    It's 10.5Gb, and I have other games I want to play (20Gb Limit Per Month)

    and I'm using a Basic Logitech Controller (bassically a PS3 Controller)

  2. You have a 20GB limit per month? On what???

    I like the PS controllers over the XB ones... they're much more slim and easier to hold which is a plus since I have rather small-medium sized hands. I'm trying to find one that's also wireless and gets good battery life!
  3. I have 20Gb download and Upload limit (there seperate)

    So I can only download 20Gb, and if I go over then it's extra money.

    And Yes The One I have is wired aswell. The only thing I like about Xbox controllers are the thumb sticks (there concave and not convex) so it supports your thumbs and doesn't really make them slide around, if you know what I mean.

    Can't wait to try the full game though.

  4. Icic, sucks about the download limit.

    I know what you mean about the sticks, I like the way the xbox ones concaves, but damnit those controls are so big and beefy I hate it!
  5. Agreed In both Parts haha.

    Have you ever played Grid? If you haven't download the Demo real quick. It has a Race, and a Drifting Race if I recall Correctly.

  6. I've haven't played it yet but I've heard good things about it from a few friends. I tend to buy all the games on Steam whenever they're on sale for 75% off.

    For $3.74, who can complain? I'd rather just buy it, if I like it then great... another game I can play whenever I'm bored. If not, then it was like 3 bucks... oh well haha!
  7. Makes sense.

    Happy Gaming.

  8. So I picked up the Logitech F710 wireless...

    Haven't gotten to test it out yet, but I'll have all evening today to do so... Anyone have experience with this controller?
  9. Mithness, how is the configuration on games with your Logitech controller? A buddy of mine says the Logitech controllers suck and you have to manually set the buttons yourself for each game and doesn't have the auto config.
  10. Thats Bassically the exact same controller (exept mines wired) and I don't use it for many games. but I When I do, I have to configure it in game. I didn't think any controller auto configed? I don't see how that works. but It doesn't really matter to me.

    It's a good sturdy Controller. though and very responsive (atleast mine)

    Sorry I couldn't be more help

  11. That's cool, I'm really looking forward to playing with it on Grid! So far all I've done was install the drivers for the controller and created a new profile on the game.

  12. This game looks pretty damn awesome on my big screen and using the wireless controller!
  13. Its good game man, I got it for 2.50 on steam a long time ago, definitely worth the cheap price. Not a huge fan of the closed circuit games but it was good. I'd give it a solid 7/10
  14. Yea, it's not too bad! I just wish there was an option to soop up your own cars instead of racing ones that are already modified =/
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