Bf3 lag spikes

Hey everyone,

Iv been trying out bf3 and it seems to work fine on med, high, and ultra. No AA and antitrophic setting to 16x on a 1920x1080 res.

Ultra works okay, but i stick with high settings.

My pc

1090t 3.2ghz 6 core
4gb ddr2 1066mhz
hd 6850 1gb

Think thats all you need to know for the specs to help me out. I know its a new game so it could be to that but does anyone else get lag spikes in this game. It fine for most of the game and randomly itl lag for a sec and my frames drop to 15 and then go back up. Why is that ? Its kinda annoying when i play online and it happens. Im just wondering if its my pc thats causing it or are other people having the same problem.

I played single player to make sure its not the server lagging and even in single player every now and then my frames just drop for a sec and then its go back to normal 40 - 50 frames.

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  1. ive got a gaming pc but ive got it on xbox . surprisingly in the beginning of the jet mission (forgot what its called ) it stutters a bit but other than that its ok.maybe you should get new drivers because your specs are good enough to play it.
  2. Hmm, my drivers are up to date though. Its only in this game that i get these lag spikes, all my other games are fine.

    I tried playing on medium and it still happens in certain areas.
  3. Get the latest drivers, or lower the AF.
  4. I have found a solution to the problem that has worked for me. I was having lag spikes a lot so I looked in to it and found AMD's Cool 'n Quiet to be the problem. Intel also has a similar program called Intel Speed Up Technology, and disabling this in the BIOS should fix your problem. Also I'll throw in a workaround I have found for alt+tab issues in-game. Open Windows Task Manager and set it to "Always On Top" and then run BF3, when you alt+tab it will tab to the Task Manager and work correctly. Have fun!
  5. Thanks, is the cool and quiet the option that limits the cpu ? While its not processing much the speed drops and then raises back up when it needs it correct ? Disabling that leave the speed on max at all times ?
  6. Indeed, AMD's Cool 'n Quiet throttles the voltage and frequency when it senses low CPU usage, however, it seems to have some issues with BF3. After disabling it I have not received any lag spikes in BF3 nor have I noticed any change in temperatures and a very minimal, if any, change to how loud it is.
  7. Yes same here. Thanks, bf3 works alot better now.
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