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Hello! I am new to the forums here, but have always used Tom's as a place for my computer resources, so I thought you would hopefully be able to help.

I need to write a program that communicates with a data logger overseas. It is connected to a GSM network, so you have to dial into it. I think I have figured out how to dial to an external source using command prompt (ECHO ATD 1234567890 > COM3). I then need to send a command over the connection in order for the data logger to send the recorded data back as hexadecimal values. I have found the "msg" command that might be able to send the command, but I'm not too sure it will work. Also, I'm not very sure how it will work when trying to receive data with the command prompt.

Thanks for reading and Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. It won't work when it sends data, how will you program the other device to know what your computer is or what port to send data to? You need to know some very detailed specs as to what you are connecting to. It either needs to have built-in programs to send data out that you can use, or you need to have something like that created. For example, if the other device has a program that is always running and checking for data on COM3, and the program states when you see data in this format, wait till end and respond with this data, it will work. Or if the system had a program that waits for a command to come in, and does something based on that command.
  2. Yeah, I was afraid of something like that. I'm not so certain how the device works, so I'm not sure what it would take for it to receive and process the messages correctly. Thanks for reading and your reply.
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