Playing xbox without a tv

a friend of mine is selling me an xbox but i dont have a tv (dont want one dont tell me to get one nothing good is ever on... unless of course you can tell me of a tv chanel avalable in england that plays subtitled and not dubbed anime)
could someone give me links to the things i would need in order to play xbox on a computer monitor (it only has a vga socket) with some way of getting the sound to my speakers (ordinary computer speakers)

i also have a playstation two and a snes, the ps2 has an av and scart cable both of them have composite cables and for the life of me i cannot remember what connector my friend said the xbox has so i shall have to ask him and put it into a post below

ty ^_^
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  1. ok its got comp and scart cables
  2. Look for conversion cables or boxes. Just Google "composite to VGA".
  3. ah i got one and its working (no sound tho if someone can give me links to various cables i can use so i can plug my computer speakers in and get the sound (3.5 mm jack)
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