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Hi all,

Maybe a stupid question but i wonder, why, all motherboards I know, are designed in the way that when u mount the graphicscard, the heatsink/fan of the card allways is upside down. Doesn't this heat up the card/gpu more this way. Why are they allways designed this way?
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  2. look at the alignment of the card PCB to the bracket, when you put in the card, the bracket is open on the inside, that is bottom surface of the card. that is where you mount the connectors that let you connect peripherals to the card.

    you can also see sometimes you cannot put cards in both adjacent PCI and AGP slots, or adjacent PCI and ISA slots, they share the bracket.

    it is a design 20 years old, you have to follow the legacy. although AGP is relatively new, the designers probabely chose not to put the fan facing upwards, just where the CPU with its HSF is! you dont want to blow hot air on the CPU do you?

    anyway the airflow in a well designed chassis is horizontal, so it doesnt really matter where the fan faces!


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  3. can you imagine the hotspot where air blown from the cpu meets air blown from the graphic adapter?

    Plus if you think back, the desktops of yesteryear were on their sides which made the PCI cards mount vertically which let natural circulation raise the hot air out the vents which would be above the cards if you had your case on its side.

    too bad no one realized the orientation of cards and vents needed to change with the orientation of the case when towers became so widespread.

    Poor thermal design of card mounting is one (but only one) of the main reasons we all have a gazillion fans trying to beat the laws of nature.
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    if it makes him feel better some graphics cards have a passive HS on the back(top)

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