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I have an Asus G71. I have 2.5 duo and 6 gigs ram. Im trying to play a game that is way below my system spec but its running slugishly and lagging. Im not sure why. caan anyone help?
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  1. Hello,
    I have an Asus G71. I have 2.5 duo and 6 gigs ram. Im trying to play a game that is way below my system spec but its running slugishly and lagging. Im not sure why. caan anyone help?
  2. Could you possibly tell me the game? Because I know some older games don't like more than 1 CPU core and such.

  3. Heroes of Newearth, its relitivly new, Its an online game with regular updates
  4. Okay What Settings are you running the game at?

    and Do you have Fraps?

    Could you Tell me your FPS? maybe it's just internet lag.

  5. Im not sure what Fraps are sorry :/ and My fps is 10-15 with regular settings. 20 with low settigns. ~Eli
  6. thats your Problem, If you FPS is lower than 30 Then it's going to look choppy/Sluggish, What resolution are you run it at? Try lowering it abit, and if you have anti-Aliasing on turn it off.

    Try these things

  7. Ok that helped alot, but what I don't get is why it won't run in high quality. These are the game specs

    Processor - 2.4GHz Core 2 or i3 / 2.2GHz i5 or i7 / AMD 3500+ or faster
    RAM - 2.0+ GB for Win XP / 3.0+ GB for Win 7
    Video Card - 256MB Geforce 7800+ or Radeon X1900+
    OS - 32-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Windows 7
    Network Connection Required (Broadband)

    Here are mine
    Proc - 2.53
    Ram - 6 gig
    Vid Card - 1 gig
    OS - Vista 64
    Connection is my college airport which other people can use well.
  8. Any Ideas? Ive heard vista isnt very good but its cant be this bad can it?
  9. I checked your specs (the G71) and noticed you have a 9700M, As far as I know and saw, it's about equal to a 9500gt-9600gt, Which should be able to play HoN,

    Once again whats your ingame resolution?
    and whats your settings?

    You could Post a picture if you don't want to type it out.

  10. i have an image here i dont know how to post it though. any sugestions?
  11. How I upload photos for forums, is I go to upload it then give the Link.

  12. It also happenes similary with League of Legends. I think its something with the actual computer. I just updated my graphics card. That had little effect.
  13. What Drivers are you on? or what did you update to?

    You should be able to play these games perfectly.

    I noticed your playing at 1024x768. Whats your Native Resolution? Try using that resolution instead, could be your CPU doing all the work and your GPU doing non because the resolution is so low.

  14. Which game is running 'sluggish'?
    Might be because you don't have a video card.
    Mention your OS as well...
  15. I don't know what the native resolution is. How do I figure it out? I just updated to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M 285.62.
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    Slugish Game play
  17. whats the highest resolution you can have? thats your native resolution (your max res) and you updated to a gtx 260? How you only have a 9700M, you have to download the correct drivers according to your graphics card.

  18. The card is the gtx 260 and the driver is the 285.62 version. I used the driver update on the nvidia website. Should i have differnt dirvers? my max res is 1440x900.
  19. I Apologize, I Was looking at the Asus G71V.... (lol 1 letter makes a big difference)

    Okay, But Try Playing at 1440x900 Instead because you'll use more of your GPU than your CPU (IE lower res, more CPU is used.)

  20. Its still slugish. I can play coutner strike one just fine with normal 60ish FPS. Could it be like direct X or somthing? The game HoN auto updates and ive never had to mess with settings before but is that something i can do? League of Legends is similar with the slugishness of it.
  21. I Found something

    try putting this: cl_smoothGameTime false in the console (Ctrl+F8)

  22. Didnt see any real change, fps is still 10-15.
  23. What are you temperatures while gaming? Do you play anything other than HoN and LoL? or are those the only 2 games?

    Are you playing in High Performance mode? or Like Battery Saver Mode?
    Do you have your Laptop Plugged in While Gaming?

    TBH I Don't play HoN or LoL but I'm Completely Stumped.

  24. when you share a connection with 70,000 other people do you think it's going to be smooth. ever try playing a game at home and have one of your siblings surf the net or download music ? same thing.
  25. I have other friends who can play over their laptops next to me without any abnormaly low fps. I think its a hardware problem. Or my graphics doing its share of the work.
  26. I wondering, does your Laptop have A intergrated GPU and a discrete Graphics? I Know some laptops have this feature and some games it doesn't trigger to switch to the good GPU. and uses the Crappy one.

    Does your laptop have this feature?

  27. I have tried in high performance mode and with it plugged in it doesnt seem to make a difference. My temps are all normal.
  28. I dont know how to even check that, where do i look?
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