When i put a disc in my laptop what do i do to access it

I have stamps.com free trial disc. When i put it in my computer i can't access it. I know its something so simple but I cant figure it out
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  1. Open My Computer then double-click the CD icon.

    If there is no CD icon at all then there's a problem with your drive. If there is an icon but says there's no disc in it then either the drive or the CD are a problem.
  2. It may depend if you have autorun on or not. Open windows explorer (windows key + E). look on the left for your CD drive usually D and click on it.On the right a list of all the files on the disc will appear. Look for a file which says SETUP.exe and double click it to start the program/installation. If there is a readme help file or similar open that to see what it says
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