Battlefield 3 performance issues?

Im starting to have issues with the game. Im playing on Ultra in multiplayer and will get huge FPS drops. It's like it will drop all the way down and will then go back up to around 50 to 60 every once in awhile. I am also getting noticeable stuttering while around 50 to 60 fps which is my average.

windows 7 64 bit
GTX 560 TI
4gb ram
Phenom 2 x4

I'm playing in 720p on ultra. What is going on?
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  1. its been stated that ultra requires sli 580's

    i'm on a GTX470 and on ultra I get somewhat random fps. Just slap it on Auto.
  2. A ton of people are having issues with the game. BF3 worked in window mode only for me and now that doesn't even work. I still lock-up and have to ctrl/alt/del to close it out. I've read that if you flash the gpu bios for that specific card, it's worked for some. The latest possible solution I've read is that the game is using alot of virtual memory, so adjusting it in windows to about 2.5-3gb have helped solve some of the crashing problems. This may help with you fps dips too. GL.
  3. It seems that I only have problems in the multiplayer. SP runs perfectly fine at 50 to 60 fps on ultra
  4. what i found was on MP as well. A 560 is not enough for ultra.
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